Steps to Counter Weak Thesis


A mature, well thought thesis conveys the underlying message in a lucid manner. On the hand, a weak thesis fails to communicate its message, remains vague and unclear of the challenge at hand. A strong thesis statement sets the ground for an informative discourse. Due to stringent academia competition, student prefers to buy thesis online for streamlining academic deadlines.

Revising Weak Thesis Statement

No Questions

In case of a thesis statement, the underlying message/ position is relayed to the audience at hand. A question is never posed, a general rule of thumb.

Weak:Is physical punishment necessary in school system?

Redacted:The medieval practices of corporal punishment in school system are obsolete.

No Call-to-action

Such statements are slightly unprofessionally indicating rookie behavior. The general practice is to pose a general arguable issue leading to next section

Weak:Let’s put an end to corporal punishment in school system

Redacted:It’s necessary to revoke corporal punishment to create a healthy learning environment

Factual statement

Another general rule of thumb is to pose the thesis statement backed by scientific evidence.

Weak: Legalizing marijuana is akin to legalizing animal slaughter.

Redacted: Legalizing marijuana is detrimental to adolescent’s health.

Vague statements

Vague statements usually indicate lack of research and formation of an opinion. It’s better to research in-depth about a subject before writing a thesis statement.

Weak:Teenagers may/ may not exploit the availability of information at their disposal.

Redacted:Adolescents today have instant access to information with 3G networks and downloadable data, bridging information barriers.

Never pose a conflict of ideas

The thesis statement primarily poses a single idea and professes to support it throughout the entirety of a research paper.

Weak:Apple merchandise guarantees sublime quality at steeped prices.

Redacted:Apple has established its brand on foundation of quality. Decades later, it still holds its values dearly.

How to Write a Thesis

Topic: Unneeded adolescent pregnancy.

Main point: Reducing redundant pregnancies.

How-Why: By using contraceptives and sex education programs, these escalating pregnancies can be decreased.

Professional Thesis

The rising amounts of pregnancies can be driven down by providing contraceptives and sex education endeavors for educating and facilitating the largely unaware population.

Distinguishing Factors

A solid thesis statement will convey an actionable message inherently. For instance, a fitness class comparing weight loss products evaluates the following product:

Weak Thesis: Mr. Hardy’s weight loss supplement is a fine mixture, but it does add weight

This statement clearly fails to outline the benefit strongly. More so, it even highlights a downright negative.

Strong thesis: Mr. Hardy’s weight loss supplement is an expensive, organic weight loss supplement, apt for adult audience.

This thesis statement is downright strong, conveys the advantages clearly.


A strong thesis statement establishes its message with a finality of tone. A weak thesis statement will become argumentative itself. For instance, an essay on family kinship may look as:

Weak statement: My family is extended by default

It shows incompetency of a student, unable to establish a fact

Strong statement: As opposed to American families believing in contractual marriage, Iranian citizens believe deeply in family kinship, resulting in extended families.

This strong thesis statement justifies a familial concept in view of commonly held world-view concept of family.

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