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Article Review of Literature: Nursing Education

A Nursing Faculty's Transition to Teaching Online

The article“A Nursing Faculty’s Transition to Teaching Online” is written by Arlene E. Johnson. The article is providing that a nurse in this recent era must have the skills and knowledge to practice within technology-rich health environment. It has been observed in the article that the online nursing education has increased to provide the effective learning environment for nurses because in web-based environment nurses are required to rethink their philosophies for learning and teaching (Johnson, 2008). The article provides sufficient grounds for accepting the significance of web-based education for nurses because development of strong technology skills in preparation of becoming professional nurse is important. The results of the article provide that web-based education for nurses is important to establish the skill of critical thinking because nurses develop and share individual thoughts and experiences on online platform (Johnson, 2008). Buy academic  assignment help   from Experts.

The Effects of Linguistic Modification on ESL Students' Comprehension of Nursing Course Test Items

The article“The Effects of Linguistic Modification on ESL Student’s Comprehension of Nursing Course Test Items” is written by Susan Bosher and Melissa Bowels. The article is highlighting the issue of language for ESL student nurses during the multiple choice tests (Bosher& Bowles, 2008). It is said that the modification of test questions to minimize language issue for ESL nurse students is required as improvement of assessment programs in nursing schools. The study provides that the linguistic barrier for culturally diverse nursing students cause several issues and the linguistic modification can provide increased comprehensibility of nursing course test items for ESL nursing students (Bosher& Bowles, 2008). Order dissertation help online.

Spiritual Perspectives of Nursing Students

The article“Spiritual Perspectives of Nursing Students” is written by Cynthia I. Shores. The article provides evidences for the way incorporation of spiritual content into nursing education help in gaining insight of providing care to patients. Important findings of the article are the comparative study between public and private nursing institutions indicating the difference of spiritual perspective of students receiving spiritual content. Buy essay writing help by Hire Researcher.


Advancing the Science of Nursing Education: More Findings from the National Survey on Excellence in Nursing Education

The article“Advancing the Science of Nursing Education” is written by Martha Schekel and Theresea M. Valiga. There is evaluation of different factors and elements that contribute in improving the nursing education standards while adopting excellence in nursing education. Important findings of the study shows evidence based educational practice and nursing faculties have important role in improving the nursing education. For assistance buy cheap coursework writing service.

Assessment Tool for Nursing Student Computer Competencies

The article“Assessment Tool for Nursing Student Computer Competencies” is written by Betty L. Elder and Mary L. Koehn. Most of nursing students are identified with low computer skills, which emphasizes on the need to focus on the computer education for nursing. Since, computer skills can help the nursing students in educational and professional practice; therefore, nursing should be given basic knowledge along with improving computer competency. Hire the best thesis writing help online.


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