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Assignment of Marketing Segmentation Process - 3

The target marketing is the development of specific market mix that has ability to satisfy the demands and needs of specified target segment. According to Dalgic (2006), to make market segmentation effective and efficient it requires market segmentation to achieve distinction, accessibility, measurability and profitability. Other than that, targeting is supposed to be making the brand to achieve a place in the market. Through the process of categorization of customers’ group targeting aims to use those attribute to persuade the customers towards products. In marketing, targeting depicts a perspective which means to target customers by identifying their categorization into profiling (Pride & Ferrell, 2008). To Stapleton & Thomas (1998), companies precede building profile to target the customers’ group whereas to Hiebing (2004) there are number of advantages due to which companies use the customers’ profile. Order online dissertation writing help


Since targeting refers to selection of particular groups of customers while considering the needs and demands of the customers. This part is designed to present the segmentation and target for the new multivitamin range. However, there are number of targeting approaches for efficient market segmentation and the company can utilize them to persuade the specific group. Since there are number of marketing segmentation approaches available for multivitamin range, below is the segmentation variable available: Hire the best assignment writing help


Segmentation Variables are divided according to demographic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic. The Demographic Segmentation includes Age, Gender and Income; geographic segmentation includes urban areas; Behavioral Segmentation includes product utilization, product needs, level of expectation and loyalty with the brand. Other attributes of segmentations could be user status such as non-user, or currently user. The rate of utilization includes Heavy users and Light users. The segmentations suggested for the multivitamin range can be justified for many reasons because it is important to review the segmentation and implications of utilizing these segmentations. To Croft (1994), it is found credibility of implementation of market segmentation depends on the profit growth in the form of increased sale rate. The company must identify the effect of employing new segmentation for new multivitamin on the revenue as well as its growth of the organization. Since organization needs to maintain their position within the organization in the industry the periodical review of the marketing segmentations while introducing the new product is essential. In this regard, the company should also consider that there could be some certain risks involved in the implementation of marketing segmentation and the risk may involve the environmental as well as market risks. Other than that, the company must evaluate these risks in relation to its effects on the marketing campaign and eventually on the image of the organization. In order to evaluate the potential risks, the company should consider over answering the questions related to effects of the product because in case the risk is harmful for the organization’s brand, it damages the present brand image and it possible effect of all these effect may destroy the overall brand image. Buy cheap essay writng service


Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!