Avoiding the “Freshman Fifteen”

Being a fresher in the college means loads of fun and that takes you to the heights of enjoyment and entertainment. Being a freshman you all have to face a number of challenges in controlling your habits and daily entertainments that lead to certain disastrous situations. Freshman fifteen is one of these, in this actually extra calorie is added to your diet as well as body and also increase in weight.

This leads a number of complications in the life d the students and hence avoiding it compulsory for them. There are various tips in this regard that are listed in this blog for helping the fresh students  avoid freshman fifteen, and it is also caused because of sitting for prolong hours and working in the assignment, instead it is better that you buy academic writing services UK.   

Say no to Alcohol

Actually, if it is just even a single beer a day than there is chances that there would be an increase of 150 calories in the body of its consumers. Then why not the consumer be at high risk of obesity and other related diseases. This makes it important that there should be a limited or more favorably no amount of beer consumed by the students. More than one would mean a deadly diet for the consumers as well. This refers to the idea that prevention of beer would be a life-saving act. If you are stressing out due to extensive essay writing task then opt marketing assignment writing service rather than consuming beer.

Do Exercises Regularly

I know you are new to the college and it is hard to manage but in this hardship add exercises on daily basis to save yourself from an unhealthy life of freshman fifteen. This would be leading to a safe health premise for the students and also help then earn good grades due to less complication of health, which is the major constraint for the students while preparing for exams.  

Sports Clubs Can Help

If not exercises then take entertainment as an exercise, for instance, join a sports club. They are actually motivating and encourage you to keep your body parts engaged and moving that helps in losing a lot of weights and also take you to the bar point of healthy people. What else do you need? It is health and entertainment altogether, but during these sports avoids taking a supplements or energy boosters, which are actually deadly and harmful for your body.

Sugary Energy Drinks

It is often that student’s intake of caffeinated, other such beverages increased during their freshmanship, and these are also some harmful particulars that could even take you to unhealthy and lifeless living. So, it is better than there should not be any such energy drinks included in your diet.

Excess Water Consumption

Nothing is more natural and safe than water, which not only helps you remain healthy but also helps to avoid the daily diets and beverages that cause you become a victim of freshman fifteen. Increase consumption of water from 4 to 5 glasses to 8 to 10 glasses and experience the difference.

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