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Research Paper: Norton Anthology of Western Literature


Metamorphoses by Ovid

Metamorphoses are the series of poems written by the greatest poet of Rome, Ovid. It can be observed that the writer lived in the periods of peace, calm and success therefore, his literary work showed the same aspect (Lawall). The ancient traditions were reflected from the work of the writer from this poem too making the usage of the traditional epithets and circumlocutions. Ovid described the history of the world from its formation to the veneration of Julius Caesar surrounded by a loose mythico-historical structure. Get  coursework writing help by experienced academic writers of Hire Researcher. The integration of fun with epic genre was showed in Metamorphoses connecting different stories on one platform by the poet. The calm and peaceful environment during her period helped her in conveying the theme of love in most of his work. This particular poem in fifteen books when made assessment with the poets of that time, the work of Ovid was found distinct in the form of rhythm, form and size of epic presented by him (James, Lawall and Patterson).

The poem skillfully explored the innumerable ways in which modification of love within everything is observed. Moreover, the production of assemblage also regulated the power of transforming things and scenarios, by making integration of the emotion and laughter in a unique manner that is capable of illuminating the unrelenting truths of ancient myths (Lawall). Get  assignment help online. The early time of the literature was just like the way when people were searching for the secrets of creation of world. The poem also showed the struggles of movement from the disorder to natural order. Afterwards, human beings conveyed the words to portray the scene. The gangland is also reflected within by using the shrouded figures, and flower-flocked ghosts. The writer also showed changes that were brought by the Almighty in the poetry (Shippey and Haarder).              



Similarly, the poem, Beowulf portrayed the heroic code of honor that makes illustration of the story that is a relic of pre-Anglo-Saxon. The early time of the middle ages was quite dangerous period. The incessant paranoid sense of foreboding and doom can also be evidenced from the work of the Beowulf throughout (James, Lawall and Patterson). Hire  essay writer online at reasonable rates. The constant threat of invasion was plaguing Scandinavian society in that time which was efficiently portrayed in the Beowulf. Moreover, the poem is also effectively known in formulating and representing the Germanic heroic code. It shows significance of power, courage, and devotion in warriors. This literary work of middle time showed the individual code points of tension through narrating situations that make exposure to the internal disagreement in values (Lawall).

In order to represent the mixture of the different values, the poem encompasses numerous stories that are categorized into the loyalties, i.e. the condition for which the court presents no realistic guidance regarding the manner to act.Get  help with thesis by top writing company - Hire Researcher. Furthermore, the values of warriors also become clearly distinct with the examples presented in this poem as it puts it emphasis upon the creation of value for stability in this disorganized moments (James, Lawall and Patterson). It can be stated that the poem makes a strong contribution in the practice of oral celebration of cultural heroes. Characters in the poem are not able to communicate regarding their individual identity or can make introduction of them without referring to family lineage. This apprehension with family history is so well known for the reason that of the poem’s stress on kinship connections. The writer of this poem enhanced the concept of establishing identities in order to connect the same with the values of that time (James, Lawall and Patterson).


Paradise Lost by John Milton

The literary work“Paradise Lost” by John Milton is an epic poem, related to the renaissance period. Ask professional team of academic writers to  write my dissertation. The renaissance is the period refereed as a rebirth era of the refined and creative spirit of the classical period. It can be depicted that Milton's‘Paradise Lost’ has additional uniqueness of the Renaissance for the reason that it demonstrated more resurgence and revitalization (James, Lawall and Patterson). From the poem, it can be analyzed that the literary outcome of the Milton was directed by his individual faith in God and therefore, in Paradise Lost he tried to portray the social, philosophical and sacred points. In the time of Milton, Church of England has split into several categories like high Anglican, average Anglican and the other one was the Presbyterian Sects. Therefore, Milton used his poetry in the glorification of God, for encouragement of religious values, informing readers and to assist in becoming improved Christians (Lawall).

In the particular literary work, he also tried to reflect the story of Man’s creation, collapse and salvation in order to make justification of the ways of Almighty to men. He also selected the theme in consideration of the duality like heaven and hell along with the presence of God and evil power, Satan (James, Lawall and Patterson). Moreover, it can be observed that pertaining to the values of that time, author firmly stuck on the significance of remaining with the individual religious convictions. Get  research paper writing help by experienced writers.  Paradise Lost additionally highlights several Protestant Christian positions in much exalted literary style and by using the classical allusion to give emphasis to the value of that time in his work. Moreover, in the work he also focused on the proper role of women by making identification of man as a master of woman (James, Lawall and Patterson). His characters help in making distances in the misogyny spread during his time. However, he did not show the significant role of the eve in his work in order to highlight the importance of men. Moreover, the prevailing values of sexual and mental attributes were also incompatible at that time that was also reflected during his time (Lawall). 

Hence, it can be stated here that the poems written within the different literary times clearly reflected the values of their times in the more efficient way, each one differently showing the attributes of its time.

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