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Research Proposal Assignment The War on Privacy

With the continuation of war against terrorism, especially USA as major player in this war has been facing sacrifices of civil liberties in the interest of national security. Immediately after the attack of September 11, 2001, in USA the PATRIOT Act was passed enabling the law enforcement agency to conduct surveillance and investigations about the probable terrorists (Klosek, 2007). Studies, on the other hand, made after America’s involvement in war against terrorism have revealed that mostly American citizens expressed unwillingness towards governments’ interference into their private lives, though this attitude was different in the beginning when it had all started but with the passage of time people’s attitude is changing. Studies have also revealed the people support check on their ID cards but showed reluctance about the government examining their credit card, email and personal lives. Get academic writing help byHire Researcher

This issue about to how extend individuals should give up privacy so the government can find potential terrorists have become important discussion of social studies and government security authorities to determine an effective relationship between government and citizens. This discussion further leads to an important question about how much control is right for such security purpose, what sacrifices needs to be made from citizen because it is true that reason of intrusion and security measures aim to provide national security. Order assignment help online

This paper aims:

  1. To find reason, due to which government law enforcement group needs to intrude the privacy of public.
  2. To find the level of intrusion required to complete a security search mission 
  3. To find the level of success of the intrusion in reaching the terrorist
  4. To find the people’s current issue related to privacy intrusion by government
  5. To determine the necessary privacy sacrifice required by citizen


The specific aspects of this research paper are the public privacy as it is a fundamental human right and defines as the belief that every individual has an area of self-governing development, and liberty, and in a private sphere with or without interaction with others are free from State intervention and intervention by other unwanted individuals; new trends and use of powers introduced in the law to deal with the terrorism, as it is understood that new powers are very important for the maintenance of security (Walter, 2004). Such powers may include government’s access to communications data such as telephone and internet, logs and location of mobile and phone calls. There is a continuing debate surrounding about the use of such powers by government is annoying for citizens after many years passed to September 11, 2001 incident; but the fact always remains that there is more security threat which makes the governments to take actions allowed them by law. Hire the best dissertation writing help

Two types of data will be used for conducting the research primary data and secondary data. Primary data is such data that is generated by adopting methods such as questionnaires, interviews and observations. Secondary data refers to such data that is used in the research from previous studies to support the arguments and statements such as books, scholarly research, and articles, using Internet searches and database or library. Buy cheap coursework writing help online


For this research study qualitative methods will be used and for primary data questionnaire will be designed to be filled by selected citizens and government authorities involved in war against terrorism. For secondary data collection different internet sources will be used including EBSCOHOST and JSTOR. Get thesis online from the professionals Get thesis online from the professionals

The result found so far indicates that people in USA have certain reservations about the government intervention into their privacy but these interventions are made to provide security. From public point of view there is limitation of such intervention and there should be amendments in such law. Buy best essay writing service by experts


Review posted and now it's pending for approval!Review posted and now it's pending for approval!