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Why does Master's and PhD Thesis Writing  Scare Students?

Thesis writing is a spiky and convoluted assignment to write at master’s or PhD level. Writing and organizing thesis writing becomes impossible when you know that you have no sufficient skills to demonstrate in your thesis paper. In such situation you become desperate and end up hiring a thesis writing service to write your thesis. Many students find thesis writing difficult because they have no guide or help especially when it comes writing a thesis statement. Thesis statement is the core of your master’s and PhD thesis and without understanding how to write a thesis statement, you can never accomplish the thesis writing task. We have undertaken this complex task of buy thesis writing to facilitate the students with professional thesis online service. Our best writers help the clients to buy and complete their thesis paper on time by providing them  thesis writing service. The Hire Researcher encompasses of a multifaceted team with highly experienced  professional thesis writer  to help the customers across the globe with thesis writing services. Buy online and access our unlimited academic offers that aim to create ease for you.

Elements of a Best and Custom Master’s and PhD Thesis Writing

Whether you are writing a master’s thesis or PhD thesis, you will find yourself writing specific chapters such as introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion and analysis and conclusion and recommendation. To write it correctly, you must be aware of the basics and fundamentals of each chapter because every chapter in thesis demands the students to show different set of skills and knowledge. Here, every chapter is explained to elucidate the requirements of each chapter of thesis.

  • Title of Thesis Paper

Title tells what to expect in the thesis paper. It also tell what thesis is about or addresses. Therefore, title of thesis should cover the keywords, which is high on the search by others. It should also explain the research very well. 

  • Abstract or Executive Summary

This section may consist of one to two page summary of the thesis paper for the reader to get a preview of the study. It may include research problem, methodology chosen to achieve the research aim and results with conclusion.

  • Table of Contents

​This page provides list of chapters and sections of the thesis paper for the reader to figure out specific chapters section along with the page numbers where the chapters and section are located. It is also used to jump to a particular chapter. 

  • Chapter one: Introduction

Chapter one introduction presents the background along with the area of research, research problem, research aims and objectives, questions, and research significance, personal motivation, as well as structure of the thesis.

  • Chapter two: Literature Review

This is the most important chapter of a thesis. It reviews previous researches and past studies to support your thesis statement. Thus, it researches and quotes different sources including journal articles, boos, and conference papers.

  • Chapter Three: Methodology

Methodology chapter expresses the methodology design of the thesis. It defines what research strategy, method, approach, data collection, and data analysis are chosen. It also identifies sampling and sample size of the thesis.

  • Chapter Four: Results and Findings

This chapter contains results and findings of the study in the form of graph and table. It doesn’t discuss or analyse the results and findings, but just present the results along with the interpretation of the results.

  • Chapter Five: Discussion and Analysis

Results presented in the previous chapter are analysed and discussed in this chapter. To discuss and analyse, results are linked with the past literature identified in the literature review chapter. Thus, this chapter merges results and literature review.

  • Chapter Six: Conclusion and Recommendation

The chapter concludes the findings of the thesis based on the results and analysis. It concludes whether thesis has achieved the aim and objectives of the thesis paper. It is followed by recommendations for future study.

  • Reference/ Bibliography

All the references and citations used in the thesis paper are listed in the references and bibliography section. References must be listed in alphabetical order. Moreover, bibliography will have the list of references, which are used to understand the topic.

  • Appendices

Appendices contain questionnaire used for collecting primary data. It also contains raw data such as financial data and responses received from respondents. It also contains other information which is related but not required to be included in the paper.




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  • Title   Defining the problem statement and justifying the selection of the topic to convince the reader.
  • Proposal  Our writers define the strategies devised to obtain the desire results.
  • Literature Review  For background knowledge and understanding of the studies held earlier.
  • Methodology  Framework and tools to determine the solution of the proposed problem.
  • Results and Conclusion  For inferring the output and contrasting it with the problem.
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